About Us

Our Mission:
Improving Life through Responsible Technologies
Our Goal:
Innovative and reliable technologies to support true sustainability and exceptional customer value.
Our Ambition:
Specializing in innovative products and services that enhance life and livelihood globally
Our Vision:
True sustainability' and replacing vulnerability with independence in every sustainability solution
Our Resolve:
Success through continual innovation, adaptable vision, integrity, and a shared prosperity philosophy

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True North Composites

Engineering Products and Systems Solutions - Sustainability Applications

True North Composites is recognized for manufacturing innovative composite materials; tested and validated for strength and versatility and especially well-suited to attain product performance for applications in extreme environments. Call us for your project solutions.

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Sustainability Mission

Our Sustainability Mission Our products are value engineered for not only superior performance but also for clean environment and sustainability attributes. With a focus on improving life through responsible technologies, our “circle of sustainability” innovation model, has spawned multitudes of product solutions. Each creation originates from societal need and founded on simple but sophisticated science applications. Product lines fit niche markets.

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Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary composite material serves as the foundation that enables us to develop product lines suitable for niche markets potentially not possible with traditional construction materials, i.e. coastal environments, flood and earthquake zones, extreme temperature and humidity locations, high velocity winds, and insect incursion. With our composites, nothing is impossible.

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