True North launched our aquaponics vertical growing systems in 2015. Shelters designed for ultimate climate control, composite fish tanks, vacuumed formed hydroponic towers with water flow efficiencies and innate aeration and oxygenation, filtration, lighting, and wind power when applicable. High yield, low cost to operate, and a healthy ecosystem. GARDENS FOR BALCONYS, BACKYARDS, COMMUNITY, OR COMMERCIAL SCALE growing. Fresh food.

We have also teamed up with alliances promoting fresh food grown locally for local consumption. Check out for yourself the movement toward urban and peri-urban agriculture. Save money and make money by growing food.

Vacuum forming in progress 20ft tank and 20 towers system Towers swivle for ease of harvest Fish tank and two towers system for backyard or balcony use Fish tank on casters Vacuum formed plant trays Vacuum formed plant trays #2 Vacuum formed plant trays #3 Starting seedlings Seedlings sprouting Seedlings sprouting #2 One to three day seedlings 3 day seedlings 3 day seedlings transplanted to net pot 3 day seedlings transplanted to net pot #2 One to two week seedlings Lettuce and parsley seedlings

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