Products made of True North Composites are element resistant and designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Our material withstands desert heat and sand, arctic cold and snow loads, saltwater tsunami or freshwater flood zones, earthquake sectors, and insect infestation risks. Every system is designed with a focus on sustainability in mind.


Cylindrical Axis Wind Turbines -
Hydro Power Turbines
Power in a Box and Energy Storage - Remote solutions
Fuel Tanks
20'-40' Containers - Shipping and Control Centers

Water/Food Security

NEW! Aquaponics Vertical Growing Towers, Tanks, and Building Structures -

Agriculture - Food Towers and Livestock Sheltering
Irrigation Systems
Food and Water Storage Containers
Aquaculture - Upwells and Repopulation
20'-40' Containers - Shipping and Storage

Sheltering and Communities

Housing & Commercial Bldgs.
Community Infrastructure
Remote Sheltering and Resorts
Garages, Carports, Storage Sheds, and Decks
20'-40' Containers - Shipping and Storage

Transportation and Mobility

Charter and Ferry Passenger Transport Vessels
Mobile Clinic and Hospital Ships

Workboats and Barges
Marinas & Ports
Patrol Boats
Storage Tanks
20'-40' Containers - Shipping and Storage

Waste back to Energy

Waste and Water Recycle Systems